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Why would anyone go low car in San Diego?

I recently┬átotaled┬ámy SUV. Technically, it wasn’t even mine. It was my parents. Due to strange/lucky timing on my part, my dad had just bought a new Nissan Leaf and so I now have my dad’s old car. I went from … Continue reading

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Urban Life and Reduced Carbon Consumption: Go Big or Stay Home

Gas is constantly flirting with $4 a gallon, and like any good rational economic actors, many of us are trying to come up with solutions to lessen our dependence on cars. In the case of myself and Tori, the focal … Continue reading

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Car sharing comes back to San Diego

After FlexCar pulled out of San Diego in January 2008, San Diego has been without a car sharing service. Sure, FlexCar still functions on college campuses but for everyone else, you are SOL. You could use a ride share service … Continue reading

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