San Diego doesn’t have a good Internet presence.

The Union-Tribune is a boring piece of dead tree that’s trying and failing to survive in the 21st century.

The Reader and Citybeat?  A couple more dead-tree holdovers that are doing just a little bit better.  Medical marijuana ads and requests for participants in sleep experiments have got to move online at some point or another, so the alt-rags will stick around, but they’re still magazines pretending to be websites.

San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the USA.  We’re arguably the country’s best beer scene.  We stay classy.  We know how to play over-the-line.  We have terrible sports teams.  We hate Los Angeles and everything it stands for.  We consider everything from San Clemente to Valencia to be “Los Angeles”.

But who would even know if they googled it?

We are America’s Finest City.  It’s time we acted like it.

It is in this spirit that we bring you America’s Finest Blog.  A site written for San Diego, by proud San Diegans.


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