Despite restrictions, San Diego gets first approved dispensary

In an unincorporated part of El Cajon, San Diego just got its first approved medical marijuana dispensary. Apparently, for the exorbitant fee of $11,000, Mother Nature Healing Alternative Cooperative can open up shop. If you have a card and want to visit, expect to see cameras, metal detectors, and a guard. Essentially, all the stuff a good dispensary should have anyway… KUSI (of all places) has more.

At the same time, a measure to overturn the restrictions to dispensaries got enough votes to go on the ballot, according to an article from the North County Times.

The results mean that the City Council will have to decide whether to repeal the law, approved in April, or put the issue to a public vote — most likely on the June 5, 2012 ballot. Council members also have the option to call a special election, but the cost makes it less likely.

I’m curious what the outcome of a city wide vote would/will be. I’m sure it both sides of the issue are willing to put forth some serious man-hours to fight for their point of view. I can’t wait for hours of debate about how marijuana is a gateway drug that ruins people’s lives. I think Justin Timberlake is doing just fine.

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