The Belgians Are Coming! Anheuser-Busch Attempts to Hijack Local Brew Scene

Reggie Bush and Rey Misterio Jr are no longer the only people attempting to make money while sporting a 619.

Booyaka Booyaka

Anheuser Busch, a subsidiary of Belgian-owned AB InBev, is getting used to pretending it’s American even though it’s owned by some tiny European country without a government or national identity.  The next step?  Pretending they’re making local craft brews for several different markets.

This all started with their acquisition of Chicago microbrewing powerhouse Goose Island, whose signature beer was 312 Urban Wheat Ale.  312 is, of course, the area code for the local Chicago region.

AB InBev and the other big multinationals are getting wise to the growing craft brew scene, and want to steal a piece of the pie.  Some of their more popular ‘craft’ beers, such as Blue Moon and Shock Top already have the parent company deliberately concealed, as they understand the hipster cred that comes with a good craft brew.  Never one to shy away from stealing a good idea, they are pilfering the 312 Urban Wheat Ale idea and are trademarking various area codes nationwide.  Cities affected include Charlotte, Washington, and of course San Diego.

No official announcement has been made, and nobody’s quite sure when “619 Urban IPA” will start appearing in your local AM/PM locations.

The hilarious irony, of course, is that any local knows that most of our good beer is made in 760 anyway.


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3 Responses to The Belgians Are Coming! Anheuser-Busch Attempts to Hijack Local Brew Scene

  1. Jeff says:

    Saying that most of the good beer made in San Diego County is made in 760 isn’t accurate.

    Sure, Stone, Port/Lost Abbey, and Pizza Port Carlsbad (as well as many smaller breweries) are all located in North County with 760 area codes.

    But Ballast Point, Green Flash, AleSmith, Alpine, Pizza Port Solana Beach and Ocean Beach among many other smaller breweries are further south in 858/619 area codes.

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