San Diegans don’t care if backyard chickens ruffle city’s feathers

Local food trend is all over San Diego. It is obvious from the Farmer’s Markets are popping up all over the county. It’s not so strange considering the rising prices of food that some people are looking to get their protein a little bit closer.

We’ve already discussed how San Diegans are raising chickens in their backyards and the city isn’t too happy about it. But it seems like a lot of chicken owners, just don’t care.

For those of us that either do have a chunk of yard that lets them legally raise chickens or who don’t and just don’t care, there is a website specifically for San Diegans who raise chickens (I’m sure you can get some amazing egg salad at their potlucks). For a more comprehensive look at chicken rearing, not surprisingly, the Internet has you covered.

In the mean time, the city needs to change its archaic law. Looking at recent trends, the number of chickens in San Diego will only go up. The city ought to be actively supporting these efforts instead of hampering them. I, for one, intend to raise chickens (as soon as I move out of my tiny apartment) no matter what the law.

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Likes: Walking, writing, winter as a vacation destination. Dislikes: Cars, drought, PB.
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