What time is it? Beer-thirty.


I think it’s only proper that my first post pertains to the one thing that’s close enough as a spouse to me, beer. Contrary to my informative counterparts’ post below, I for one (and probably everyone who reads this) consider my native grounds, San Diego, to be not one, but truly the best beer city in the entire United States. Yeah, I said it.

smile; it's beer o'clock

Now Stone obviously poises itself atop the ‘beer renaissance’ occurring within our county lines. However, Stone is not San Diego’s defining brewery (not to say they haven’t played a huge role in what the beer craze is today). We are nearing forty breweries within the county. FORTY. I’m not even sure if we have enough man/woman power to consume all of what’s being brewed (I hope my internet sarcasm got across in that last statement). Basically, we are running the craft brew market/scene; with a wanton amount of beer/wine oriented bars and alehouse’s to contrast the ridiculous number of breweries here and not to mention possibly the most attentive and critical beer audience in the western hemisphere.

This will be the first of many brew-centered posts. I feel like this rant will help you get an idea of not only my position on San Diego brewing, but also my respect for the awesome power that is beer! (and all of the great people who bring it to our glasses!).

Stay tuned and keep sipping!



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