Car sharing comes back to San Diego

After FlexCar pulled out of San Diego in January 2008, San Diego has been without a car sharing service. Sure, FlexCar still functions on college campuses but for everyone else, you are SOL. You could use a ride share service to actually carpool with someone, but that works best if you are going far away or work. It doesn’t really cut it if you are just trying to run errands.

But yesterday, car2go announcedExpect to see cars like this coming soon to San Diego that it would be putting 300 adorable fortwo cars on San Diego streets by the end of the year. The cars are fulling electric and compliment the 1,500 electric charge stations slated to be installed around the county. 300 cars and 1,500 charge stations… I hope this means that the cars won’t all be Downtown for time and memorial. Who do I talk to to make sure one gets installed in North Park?

Prices for San Diego haven’t been announced yet but Austin already has car2go service. The prices there are not through the roof, but I wouldn’t recommend keeping a car over night.

Honestly, I’m just excited to park one of the cars perpendicular to the street.

SignOn has the full story.


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