Bloodbath at FM 94/9? Multiple DJs Laid Off

Rumor has it that a new set of major staffing cuts has affected San Diego’s once-great FM 94/9 (it’s about the Mikey).

Tommy Hough has reported via his facebook that “while I will continue to produce and host Treehuggers International, Brunch With Bob, and my public affairs program in conjunction with FM 94/9, I’m pursuing full-time options again.”  Programming Director Garrett Michaels has taken Tommy’s old slot.

This has allegedly been part of at least a dozen cuts to the station, which has been in gradual decline since the economic constraints brought on by the 2008 economic crash forced the station to let go of local legend Mike Halloran and hire local dimwit Mikey to piss me off on my commute to work.

Big Sonic Chill host Amanda has also been let go, though the show will continue.

This station, for a brief shining moment mid-decade, was an amazing piece of an otherwise horrendous local radio landscape.  It’s sad to see it fall so far.

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