Et Tu, Gonzo? – Adrian Gonzales Becomes Just Another East Coast Asshole

There are three things so far that I’ve noticed about the All Star Game that were awesome: 1) The National League won, 2) Justin Timberlake trolled the bejesus out of Joe Buck (and may have been intoxicated), and 3) I get to forget for just a few days that the Padres are awful.  Like 2003 awful…except the 2003 squad had a couple of “sluggers” by way of Phil Nevin and Ryan Klesko.  Never thought I’d miss those guys.

You know who didn’t seem to notice how much the Padres suck?  The pride of the Red Sox, Mr. Adrian Gonzalez.

I hope they trade him to the Yankees and get cursed again.

A post at Gaslamp Ball notes that the USA Today wrote a gushing article about Gonzalez that makes the Friars sound like some bush-league Greyhound Bus operation.  After reading the article, I became convinced of the inherent superiority of baseball on the East Coast: “You hit for big numbers in San Diego, and a nation yawns, most of it asleep by the time the West Coast games end. You put up big numbers in Boston or New York, and you’re immortalized.”

Are we really are that bush-league?

Probably.  And it might be because we don’t have players that live in enough style:

He traveled with his wife, Betsy, on a plane chartered by teammates Josh Beckett and David Ortiz. They landed at a private airport in Scottsdale where a stretch limo was waiting to take them to their Biltmore hotel.

Two years ago, Gonzalez and then-Padres teammate Heath Bell took a circuitous route to St. Louis, site of the All-Star Game. It included a red-eye flight, a three-leg journey through Las Vegas and Indianapolis, a missed connection and a minivan they drove the final 250 miles.

When you play for the powerful Red Sox, those low-budget, coupon-clipping days are over.

Is it because the owners are cheap?  Is it because the players are cheap?  I know the Friars supposedly had the league’s highest operating income despite having one of its lowest payrolls last year, but is the new ownership really that tight-fisted?

Either way, it’s hard to hate on Adrian too much leaving, and we have to wish him sell.  He always seemed like a nice, well-grounded, principled dude.  Like that time when he was on the Padres and he threatened to protest the 2011 All Star Game in Phoenix because of Arizona’s controversial anti-immigration law, SB 1070.

What’s that term for a person that makes moral compromises because of a new well-paying job?

Oh, that’s right.  Sellout.

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